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Topic subject"Internet Security 2010" -- safe removal???
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219291, "Internet Security 2010" -- safe removal???
Posted by DynaGirl, Wed Jan-20-10 11:45 AM

At my job, the computers were unprotected, and now this "Internet Security 2010" program (malware? virus?) has infiltrated. I've found all kinds of sites that tell how to remove it, but they mostly want you to download something. I'm scared that THOSE things might be bad, too. How do I know? Does anybody know how to remove this mess???
219294, malwarebytes.org.
Posted by jetblack, Wed Jan-20-10 11:56 AM
219298, Thank you! n/m
Posted by DynaGirl, Wed Jan-20-10 12:24 PM

*****LURKERS UNITE!!!*****
219336, Damn you beating me to it...
Posted by mtbatol, Wed Jan-20-10 06:52 PM
*shakes fist* >:\

But to add, if they weren't PCs on your job I'd suggest Avast which would also protect your PC from that garbage (since Avast is free for home PCs but requires ya company to get a license to run on the job), I'm gonna guess that the infected PC was running Symantec?
219380, As far as I can see, it was running NOTHING.
Posted by DynaGirl, Thu Jan-21-10 11:46 AM

It's a nonprofit organization, and they're really not savvy AT ALL when it comes to these things.
219389, eh, that's a disaster waiting to happen.
Posted by Nopayne, Thu Jan-21-10 01:51 PM
219392, it's never lupus.
Posted by jetblack, Thu Jan-21-10 02:12 PM