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Topic subjectGeometry Wars 2 is kinda unfuckwittable at this point
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177159, Geometry Wars 2 is kinda unfuckwittable at this point
Posted by celery77, Mon Jan-05-09 02:41 PM
shared leaderboards? multiple gameplay modes? quick rounds and huge multipliers? some of the best twitch you're going to get.

(Although I *do* love me some Ikaruga.)

I've played lots of R-Type: Final, but mainly to keep just unlocking new ships. It's gameplay is pretty soft compared to most others.
Me and a buddy had a few pretty solid nights getting drunk and playing Gradius V. That game was NOT fucking around.

Those are the two biggest I've played, probably, besides Ikaruga and GW2. I know I've played others, but never binged quite like those.