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Topic subject"Re-wire" a video game
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115946, "Re-wire" a video game
Posted by lexx3001, Fri Aug-17-07 10:30 AM
If you had a choice to tweak any game, what game would it be and what would you do to "fix" it? how would you improve it. One game off the top that comes to mind right away is Madden on 360. I would tweak the presentation. but thats obvious though. Any others?
115981, madden 08 for ps3
Posted by budz4zo, Fri Aug-17-07 03:51 PM
fix the fucking framerate!
116033, Transformers (PS2)
Posted by Dr Claw, Sat Aug-18-07 07:39 AM
(not the one based on the movie, or the Japanese one based on G1...the one based on Transformers: Armada)

(and possibly take down the difficulty a notch... but yeah, TARGET LOCK)

that game was decent enough without it but would have been infinitely better with that feature.