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Topic subjectayo, okp broke illustrators, designers, ortissts - 45 best free tools!!!
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112805, ayo, okp broke illustrators, designers, ortissts - 45 best free tools!!!
Posted by poetx, Sun Jul-22-07 03:27 PM


i don't have any of them except GIMP, but this list is enticing as hell. a grip of these are gonna make it to my various hard drives.

if you have ideas and talent, i really don't see any reason why anybody can't blow up on their own, nowadays.

one of those packages allows you to do movie quality (well, web movie quality, at least) animation. (remembers adwhizz scooby-doo inspired roots cartoon, or, perhaps, the long awaited debut of Fiendy Smurf).

anyway, just passing this list on. its prolly already on del.icio.us, but i'll make sure i save it somewhere just in case, for whenever i got free time to use it.

in particular, those font joints where you can generate your own fonts seem pretty dope. if i had nice handwriting, i'd be all on that. it'd be dope for graf, too, i imagine. anyone doing their own (or someone else's) web design, that would be handy as hell.

i want to try that smoothdraw. and if dogwaffle is the prog that i think it is, i used to have it on an old comp and it was a pretty dope tool.

there's also freeware flash authoring progs on there.

have at it...

peace & blessings,


sigless for the summer, y'all.