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Topic subjectayo, okp broke illustrators, designers, ortissts - 45 best free tools!!!
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112805, ayo, okp broke illustrators, designers, ortissts - 45 best free tools!!!
Posted by poetx, Sun Jul-22-07 03:27 PM


i don't have any of them except GIMP, but this list is enticing as hell. a grip of these are gonna make it to my various hard drives.

if you have ideas and talent, i really don't see any reason why anybody can't blow up on their own, nowadays.

one of those packages allows you to do movie quality (well, web movie quality, at least) animation. (remembers adwhizz scooby-doo inspired roots cartoon, or, perhaps, the long awaited debut of Fiendy Smurf).

anyway, just passing this list on. its prolly already on del.icio.us, but i'll make sure i save it somewhere just in case, for whenever i got free time to use it.

in particular, those font joints where you can generate your own fonts seem pretty dope. if i had nice handwriting, i'd be all on that. it'd be dope for graf, too, i imagine. anyone doing their own (or someone else's) web design, that would be handy as hell.

i want to try that smoothdraw. and if dogwaffle is the prog that i think it is, i used to have it on an old comp and it was a pretty dope tool.

there's also freeware flash authoring progs on there.

have at it...

peace & blessings,


sigless for the summer, y'all.
112834, I have a love/hate relationship with free ware
Posted by EmceeGrayMatter, Sun Jul-22-07 11:34 PM
it's always like a foreign language or something even with GIMP...but once you learn it you feel like you accomplished something major...

and I just grabbed about 8 or 9 or 10 of them joints in the last 20 minutes...


"I sets the rhythm then selects the victim, give em the tao of lyricism liftin' them up into my solar system..." Black Thought...
113140, true, but that's why i like lists where someone else has vetted
Posted by poetx, Tue Jul-24-07 02:31 PM
the apps and written up what they do and how well they do it.

GIMP got mad documentation. and they even have extensions to make the menus more photoshop like, although they explain the reason for the way their interface is.

peace & blessings,


sigless for the summer, y'all.
112836, I wanted to like Inkscape so bad lol. Spray looks dope though...
Posted by Triptych, Sun Jul-22-07 11:48 PM
might have to try that out
112846, what was wrong with inkscape?
Posted by dafriquan, Mon Jul-23-07 06:12 AM
112839, lol at an app named "Project Dogwaffle"
Posted by Nopayne, Mon Jul-23-07 12:00 AM

113138, word. but dogwaffle is dope, though. if its the one i remember,
Posted by poetx, Tue Jul-24-07 02:30 PM
you had all kinds of brush strokes an shit like a real paintbrush. it was unlike anything i'd worked with.

peace & blessings,


sigless for the summer, y'all.
113087, this is awesome
Posted by tappenzee, Tue Jul-24-07 10:34 AM
I'm immediately grabbing Synfig Studio, the animated .gif creator, and the font joint when I get home...




Thanks man
306072, This post seriously changed my life
Posted by Adwhizz, Fri Feb-18-22 09:02 PM