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Sat Sep-03-16 02:02 PM

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"Genesis "


And by the way her name was Genesis.
Isn't that beautiful?
To add fiction to flattery
She finds me useful
I’m not a loser
In her eyes
Was a vortex
To a life that I never knew was real
Just when I convinced myself I can no longer feel
There I was six senses deep
Tingling vibrating
Concrete crumbling beneath
Ten second trip
Induced by her pupils
Did I mention she finds me useful?
Did I mention that we never spoke?
A ten second look gave a life of hope
It's out there for me
Did I mention I never got her name?
I had to find her
Morning, noon, night
On her tracks i'm right behind her
If I catch her, next time I won't fumble
Secure chest clutch
"Have you seen this person?" Ads
All over craigslist and tumblr
And everything in between
I knew her face was pretty
But it was fading from my dreams
I was on the clock
Time was on my head
Spent all night looking for her
Wouldn’t go to bed
One day lightning struck
Was it God? was it fate? was it luck?
Grounded by faith
Plotted how to say "what's up"
Took a couple shots
Brick, missed, got ignored
Once more for the sanity
That one struck a chord

What the fuck are you talkin' bout.
The first words she said to me
Our eyes locked 3 months ago
Baby, do you remember me?
-I’ll go.....

But ill love from afar
How you forget
When you've been my whole brain
Since summer
We were supposed to reconnect
And be lovers
She's onto other things
Probably steps the streets with suitors
At the ready with rings
What she want with an out-of-state
Pouted faced
Clout disgraced
Too quiet as a mouse to mate?

Did I mention she thought I was useful?
For ten seconds
I was really useful


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